Wednesday 8 June 2016

Where I share the excitement of seeing my book for the first time...

Wednesday June 7, 2016 at 1pm in Fergus, Ontario

Today the long-awaited shipment arrived. Someone knocked on the door, a truck backed up to the clean(ish) garage, a huge door opened at the back of the delivery van, I saw the book boxes inside, skids were lowered onto the garage floor and the drivers drove away. Leaving Fred and I to open one of the boxes and uncover the treasure inside!!! I am thrilled beyond words - humbled and oh so grateful. And scared. Might I add scared? It is a bit of me but now it will have a life of its own, without me. Like sending a child out in to the world alone. Yipes! 

I do realize it is completely self-indulgent to post so many pix of just a few minutes of our lives, but I can't help myself. It was that exciting! It is a dream come true.
Welcome to the world Stone Threads!

Fred reading the dedication to him  :)

Nothing like curling up with a cat and a new book....

Monday 6 June 2016

Curves,Wedges & Wonky Log Cabins + Hand Embellishment In Prince Edward County

Recently I was invited by the Prince Edward County Quilters Guild to do a lecture and two days of classes. All the events took place in the absolutely charming village of Bloomfield, near Picton. Delicious restaurants, cute shops, lots of character, local wines and really great people. You must visit this place!

I had a splendid time with everyone, was treated royally and thoroughly enjoyed our creative time together. We worked hard and had interesting chats about the nature of permission, intent, the maker's mark and motivation. Lovely work was produced and our hearts and minds were opened to new possibilities and connections. Thank to all the participants and to those who came to the lecture too. Aren't we fortunate to have this shared passion?

Hope you enjoy the photos from the two classes and to new visitors to the blog, do consider inviting me to work with your group too. It will be fun!