Wednesday 7 January 2015

Happy 2015! I dive headfirst into the OCEANS OF POSSIBILITIES!

It was a terrific holiday with family and friends. We loved hanging out with the kids and all our friends and families. Ate too much of course, but seriously, who can resist turkey, stuffing and gravy? Love that I can prepare it all gluten free now. Cooked dinner for 60, decorated, sat around reading by the fire, unwrapped, got spoiled, slept in, toured around, had a blast. I made some art for gifts, and have included details or the whole piece. I played with photo apps and got some nice images. I saw the amazing Alex Colville show at the AGO, I undecorated....
And now here we are, back to "work". Have some fun lectures and teaching ahead, we'll likely travel to some place warm, but winter is my time to hunker down in the studio and create. How lucky am I? So, I am about to submerge myself in the OCEANS OF POSSIBILITIES in my stash. Woohoo! Happy creating to you all. See you on the far shore.
Cheers, Maggie

Blackberry Bog Christmas Tree Farm

"A Sacred Life" for Jordan

Detail from "The Guardians"

Details from "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"