Friday 20 February 2015

Galapagos Islands cruise - travel photos

My husband and I are just back from the Galapagos Islands on a National Geographic cruise. Here are some photos of our adventures. Loved the critters! It was wonderful that they were not afraid of us at all and we could wander/swim/snorkel/kayak amongst them easily and safely. It was utopian!
Galapagos giant tortoise
Pacific green sea turtle egg shells and tracks to the nest

land iguanas

marine iguanas

lava lizard

Sally Lightfoot crab


Blue footed boobies

Red footed booby and chick

swallow tailed gull
brown pelican

Galapagos hawk talons

sunset at the exact equator
Galapagos penguins

seal lions

various frigate birds

Galapagos dove