Sunday 11 May 2014

South Africa: Val Hearder's Textile Art Tour, March 2014

This was a simply fabulous experience. The food, lodgings, travel destinations, bus driver, guide and leaders were wonderful - if you get a chance to do this, take it! South Africa is breath taking at every turn.
I have posted a few dozen photos of this extraordinary adventure on FB under MaggieVanderweit Meredith, so I won't duplicate those. I took over 5000 and have whittled them down to 3000. Here are some new views of our travels:

At Doreen Falls in the Drakenberg Mountains after a long hike.

       the Drakenbergs
Ardmore Pottery
 Shakaland - greetings from the Zulu chief
 a Zulu beehive hut

 Monkey Biz wire sculptures
 Cape Town

 The cable car up to Table Mountain in Cape Town
 it says...
 ... but she did it anyway
 orbs dancing on this photo
 they spelled "LOVE"
 a gorgeous restored home, perfect in every detail

Valerie Hearder, our intrepid leader, with Margie Garratt, one of SA's leading textile artists and advocates
 Kalk Bay
 Gill in Muizenberg
 a local enjoying haaaapppppy hour (think it went on all day for him)
from an interfaith monument

 African penguins
 crochet art

a charming and beautiful server in Cape Town with the coolest name ever, who looks like a movie star!

 mad drumming at the Gold Restaurant on our last night together - we had gold for dessert!
 when she danced fast she looked like this,
 and when she stopped she looked like this!
we saw so many stalls like this
the cutest kid we saw, so thrilled with life that she had to dress up in a hot pink tutu to celebrate her trip up Table Mountain

 an embroidery artist creating magic
 Cape Town waterfront, if it were closer we would go all the time
protea flowers, found everywhere in the wild and decorating lobbies too

May 2014 SAQA Conference in Alexandria, Virginia

Thanks for joining me again. 
It has been quite a while since I've posted anything. Been happily busy with creating in the studio, travelling and doing family things. I'll start with the most recent event and go from there.
The SAQA - Studio Art Quilts Associates - gathering was great fun. It is amazing to hang out with the rock stars of the quilting world, meet old friends, make new ones and get some up to date information on art trends and professional tips.I especially enjoyed the 25 year retrospective of the past presidents. They have worked very hard for us and collectively we have come a long way.
This was my first year attending as a JAM - Juried Art Member.  This is a recent achievement and I am very pleased about it. I am in very talented company! I especially enjoyed the 25 year retrospective of the past presidents. They have worked very hard for us and collectively we have come a long way. Here are some photos:

Martha Sielman, executive director extraordinaire with Yvonne Porcella, our founding president

On the way to the Radical Elements Show, local members 

Fred and I with Ralph and Diane Nunez, a lovely and talented 3-D textile artist from Michigan. Fred and Ralph did some touring of the DC area while we were in workshops.

Nysha Nielsen and Mary Pal - both amazing artists

Outside the Radical Elements Show

The Canadians! Christine Neilsen, me, Heather Dubreuil, Kathy Jurek, Margaret Blank's extra, and Mary Pal. All 5 and/or 6 of us!

The presidents' panel discussion: L-R Kris Sazaki, Sandra Sider, Meg Cox (moderator), Katie Pasquini Masopust, Judith Content and Yvonne Porcella

 Each past president talked about a pivotal quilt in their SAQA career.

The wisteria Fred found was fabulous! It was growing way up into a huge tree.