Saturday 23 November 2013

Elora Fergus Studio Tour 2013

Here's what the studio and adjacent room looked like during tour days. Thanks to the many visitors who came by to visit and purchase my work!

Birmingham England, August 2013 Festival of Quilts!

It was so thrilling to see my work along with the amazing pieces in the "Metaphors on Aging" SAQA Show that is travelling the world!  Next stop was Johannesburg, South Africa - for the quilts, not me!

Sandra Meech creates spectacular, thought-provoking art.  I love how she continues to be influenced by her Canadian roots. We had a grand time together.

Sandra is exploring a new body of 3-D, sculptural work. It's really interesting! 

We had the privilege of running into and chatting with Jan Beaney and Jean Littlejohn at the show.  Jan was recovering from a wee ankle issue and sported a colourful cast.  If you don't know these artists, everything they do is fantastic!  Check them out at Double Trouble.

Booths 913 and 1009 at the Creativ Festival, Toronto, October 2013

After two days of teaching I set up my booth and spent three days sharing and selling. On offer were hand painted fabrics, threads, wall art Colour Vie beginner kits and much more! Thanks so much to all who visited and supported my business! 

Stone Printing Class Creativ Festival October 2013

We laughed as much as we painted and everybody loved wearing their play clothes and aprons.  It was a good day! No rules, just explore, with fantastic and often surprising results. I look forward to seeing what happens next with this fabric!