Monday 11 May 2015

FIBERLANDIA - SAQA conference May 2015, Portland, Oregon We had a superb time reconnecting with textile art friends from around the world! Many new friendships were begun too!

THE CANADIANS! (l-r) Margaret Blank, Ellen Bourrassa, Tracey Lawko, Maggie Vanderweit (me!), Andree Fredette, Teri Springer

International Panel discussion chaired by Rosalie Dace
"Dancing on the Tightrope"
(l-r) Pei and Lin Hsin-Chen (Taiwan), Sue Dennis (Australia), Gul Laporte (France), me, Rosalie Dace (South Africa)
Maker Space
Tracey and I keep meeting all over the place so we took some time to reconnect!
Laura Jaszkowski and Kris Sazaski
Desiree Vaughn and Lisa Ellis

Bob and Sue Dennis. Fred and Bob had a great day exploring Oregon while we played at the hotel

Lisa getting her groove on!

Georgia French 
Holly Brackman and Valerie Goodwin
Playing with Shiva sticks
Bill Reker and Jennifer Solon
On tour with Marianne Williamson, Susanne and Todd Jones, and Fred
View over the Columbia River at Vista Point
 Spectacular Multnomah Falls

Banquet and silent auction night

Our road trip and adventure buddies!