Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Where I share the excitement of seeing my book for the first time...

Wednesday June 7, 2016 at 1pm in Fergus, Ontario

Today the long-awaited shipment arrived. Someone knocked on the door, a truck backed up to the clean(ish) garage, a huge door opened at the back of the delivery van, I saw the book boxes inside, skids were lowered onto the garage floor and the drivers drove away. Leaving Fred and I to open one of the boxes and uncover the treasure inside!!! I am thrilled beyond words - humbled and oh so grateful. And scared. Might I add scared? It is a bit of me but now it will have a life of its own, without me. Like sending a child out in to the world alone. Yipes! 

I do realize it is completely self-indulgent to post so many pix of just a few minutes of our lives, but I can't help myself. It was that exciting! It is a dream come true.
Welcome to the world Stone Threads!

Fred reading the dedication to him  :)

Nothing like curling up with a cat and a new book....


  1. Congratulations Maggie on this fabulous accomplishment..can't wait to see one myself :)

  2. Wow, congratulations! Love to see all the pictures and see your exitement and happiness!
    Love from Holland, Boukje.

  3. Congrats Maggie! It must be so exciting and yes I get the scary as well. How do I purchase your book? Amazon? Or elsewhere? We now have a book reviewer for our SAQA Region in MA/RI who would love to review it and I would love to add it to my library. Wishing you continued success! Nancy Turbitt, Rhode Island

  4. Maggie, your creativity rocks my world! I can't wait to see the book and I love sharing in your moment-by-moment excitement. Congratulations and hugs!! Love, Jolene

  5. Love your photos. Made me smile today.

  6. I can SO see your joy! I love you and and know that I'll love the book as well!
    See you Saturday.

  7. You absolutely have the right to indulge in a few photos of the grand arrival of your book !!! Congrats Maggie !!

  8. Congratulations on getting published - would love to get a copy.

  9. Maggie it is a wonderful book, thank you for giving birth to it :-) Congrats!