Monday, 16 October 2017


During four magical days in early October 2017 the Connections group met for our annual retreat. The weather gods smiled, food was abundant, wine flowed and sewing needles and machines hummed along. We dyed, rusted, cut, painted, stitched, listened and talked (lots of talking), and watched our friends with awe as their marvellous work unfolded in front of our eyes - all of it so uniquely beautiful! Bethany Garner led us on an inspired indigo journey, we had Happy Hour and snacks, we went for long rambles on the country paths, we took a zillion photos and we laughed. Connections happened in the very truest meaning of the word. The last 15 photos are the work of Bev White, our unofficial and excellent photographer. Thank you my friends. I had a blast and I so appreciate your companionship on this artist's path. xo

Ralph and the Indigo girls.

Just some of our snacks in case we wasted away between meals...

HAPPY hour

Sunday, 24 September 2017

Studio tour 2017 - Experimenting and tidying up!!

New fabric for sale as I experiment with dyeing with Procion on cotton and silk. I am making more chair stamps and printing them to make small pieces mounted on artist canvas frames. Also using my petroglyphs stamps. My father watches over me, as he always did. 

Saturday, 23 September 2017

CFUW Quilt Camp - Sewing Charity Quilts in Huntsville

Every fall we get together for a long weekend and sew as many quilts as we can for charity. It is always fun, the food is amazing, we have happy hour on the dock when weather allows and the combined talents of our designers, cutters, ironers, machine and hand sewers come together in marvellous creations. Thank you my friends. xo