Thursday 17 May 2018

Cree Walking Out Ceremony for our grandson, May 12, 2018. Northern Quebec

This Cree ceremony is when the children walk out into their world for the first time. They are welcomed by the community and there is a big feast. I've created a large photo essay to share the events of the day. The Wapachees do it in style and we were honoured to be there. Everyone did so much work and brought lots of food and love. Welcome our beautiful grandson Wawate and his beautiful second cousins Sukajun, Zayna, Tyren and Sophia

The evening before - setting up the tent
laying the boughs for the floor

making the firepit

The morning of the Walking Out Ceremony - busy in the kitchen
beaver and geese ready for the fire

Lynda helped Jordan decorate the goose he shot

Getting Wawate ready, all three gookums and his parents helped

Beautiful Maggie Wapachee
Ready for the day! 

Three grandfatherss, daddy and Mr Cool

Wanda's family

If you're happy and you know it...

too loud!
Wawate strides out into the world!

OK, ready to shoot my little hunting buddy? 

bringing home a goose to feed my family