Thursday, 18 February 2016

The land of giant houseplants and amazing critters...Panama & Costa Rica, Feb 2016

There are a lot of photos here and I still haven't completely mastered putting things in the right order (well I could if I took huge amounts of time) so bear with me. But it was such a magical trip filled with stimulation of all the senses and I can't help but want to share some of the beauty we experienced.  I do hope you enjoy.

We loved being with National Geographic again. They took excellent care of us at every step of the journey, showed us spectacular scenery and critters we never would have seen or found on our own, answered every question and were a blast to travel with. 

After a few days in Panama City we went aboard the Sea Lion for a week's cruise, travelling slowly through the canal and then accessing many isolated beaches, islands and parks on the Pacific side. After we landed in Costa Rica, we went by land/air to Monteverde, Arsenal Volcano and Tortuguero on the Caribbean side, then back home via San Jose. Fred is my perfect travelling companion and it was a great way to begin celebrating our 10 year anniversary!


    I hope this works ... but in my opinion this photo should be a piece of fibre art !!!
    Thanks for the glimpse into your latest journey ... great photos !!!

  2. That didnt work ... photo # 3 ;)

  3. When I met you at the SAQA conference, I didn't realize you had just been in Panama. Good thing probably - we could focus on art quilts instead of travel stories! Thought you might have fun looking at the blog I did from our birding trip there 6 years ago: I loved traveling in Panama and hope to return someday soon.