Friday, 23 October 2015

CREATIV FESTIVAL 2015 - MY SOLO SHOW "The Colours of Snow" and the CONNECTIONS SHOW "18 Squared"

It was a busy, fulfilling time. I was very honoured to be included in the front ranks of the Festival along with Connections, Linda Lundstrom, Swarovski, the fashion colleges and the Modern Quilt Guild. My solo show is called "The Colours of Snow". 

Ideas for this show evolved over the past year as I thought about how I feel walking in snow, worrying about snow, playing in snow, watching snow fall and waiting for it to melt. I thought about it coming from the sky and landing on the earth.
We are blessed to live where there are seasons. I really enjoy the contrasts between vibrant fall leaves and soft, dark, gloomy days. I love sparkling sunny, cold winter mornings. I like having flowers inside near the windows in the winter, all of us grateful for the warmth. And I know the thrill of finding the first flowers breaking through the cold ground in spring.

“Ice Maiden” and “Home in the Sky” were made when I was in Northern Quebec during Cree goose break in May 2003. We camped in tents in the bush with our extended family. The snow cover melted down in two dramatic weeks - from six feet to nothing! To get to camp we rode across the ice with skidoos and we canoed home through open waters. The ice went through radical chemical changes and turned all sorts of pastel colours. It had a delicate crystalline structure. It was marvelous.

To create these pieces I painted fabric using Colour Vie Pigment System, inks and acrylics and I dyed with botanical material, metal scraps and powdered dyes in my “Wrap & Rust” technique. The fabrics are cotton, silk, wool, bamboo and linen. I machine quilted on a domestic sewing machine.

All work is copyrighted by MAGGIE VANDERWEIT and any duplication is strictly forbidden. All designs are original and one of a kind.


I am so proud to be a part of this stellar group of artists. The support and fun has never stopped. It just gets better!

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